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• 4/16/2014

Spam and Vandalism Reports

This is a forum for reporting spam alerts, and the admins will try their best and fastest to remove/fix that spam you are reporting.
Spams include:

Posting friend codes on pages other than on the Share:Mafia Code page.
Repetitive words or lines typed out by a user using the comment section under the articles.
Adding external links to an article or user page for the purpose of promoting a website or a product.
If you see a spam or any general vandalism, link it here; post it under the reply section. An admin will remove or fix that spam as soon as possible.
If you see your post deleted, it means the spam is removed/fixed.
If you see a very heavy spam (i.e., editors started deleting 5 pages), and see no active admin at the moment, report the vandalism to the Volunteer Spam Task Forces (VSTF’s) here:

Note: If you are unsure about anything, please feel free to post it here. An admin will either address the specific issue or let you know why it is not a concern.
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• 4/16/2014

Staff Requests

How to apply for staff
Comment below requesting your new rank and why you would perform better as it. Admins will then discuss if you would be better with the requested rank.
A little more about the ranks on this wiki and how they work:

Chat Moderator:
Chat Moderators can moderate the chat by blocking, kicking and banning users from the chat. They are generally well respected by members of the community.

Anyone can revert vandalism and bad-faith edits, but it takes a couple of clicks in the page history to get it done. Users with the "rollback" permission are able to undo bad edits with one click, by using the rollback link on diff pages, user contributions list, or the list of recent changes.
It is important to note that admins (including bureaucrats) already have rollback rights by default. Users with rollback rights are just users who are not necessarily an admin.
Rollbackers (users with Rollback rights) can be seen via Special:ListUsers or on the Mainpage, but they do not by default have any special title that appears on their userpage.

Administrators (or "admins" or "sysop") are trusted users, who are generally chosen by the community and also have access to the following tools:

they have all privileges from the chat moderator and rollback groups and also have the ability to:
delete and undelete pages, as well as delete images or files (it is not possible to undelete images or files).
lock (protect) a page so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without adminship privileges.
block users who are vandalising the wiki from editing, etc.
grant and revoke chat moderator rights.
edit the wiki's skin and format.
edit MediaWiki pages.

Bureaucrats are one level up from administrators but have none of the administrator privileges. Bureaucrats only have the ability to manipulate users rights. They have the ability to promote and revoke rollback, chat moderator and administrator rights as well as appointing new bureaucrats. While they cannot directly revoke another user's bureaucrat status, they can revoke their own. Bureaucrats also have the ability to revoke a user's bot status in case the bot is malfunctioning, but community consensus is required for the addition of users's bot status.

How to Apply
Comment below requesting your new rank and why you would perform better as it. Admins will then discuss if you would be better with the requested rank.
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